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Kat and Chan Engagement (Hilo, Hawaii)

December 14, 2011

Don’t you just love it when a couple of people commit to be together for the rest of their natural lives? Engagements are a true representation of human emotions and shows how much as person can love another one that she/he is ready to share their life with the partner.

Honestly, I wasn’t prepared mentally and physically to shoot that day. We landed in Hilo Hawaii Monday around 8 PM, ate dinner, checked in and since the original plan for photo shoot was Wednesday, we went to the liquor store and booze all night. Here comes Tuesday and the weather was fantastic. Its a no brainier that we have to take advantage of it specially when your weather app on the iphone says “rain all week”. Kat made a good call of deciding to do the shoot that morning instead of Wednesday. I was hangover, jet lagged and sweating my butt off but it didn’t matter cause the 3 locations that we did the shoot were spectacular. From the falls, little shops and the ocean with lava rocks it was just a total stress relief and inspiring.  The true genius of photographing engagements lies in capturing the emotions of the people that are getting engaged. As you can see, Kat and Chan show how much they love each other which made my job easy. It is not just photographing their rings and ring fingers, it is about how they touch each other and the feelings they have in their eyes.


Geoff and Chelsee Rochester Wedding

December 5, 2011

Unique and colorful are two of many words I would use to describe this couple and their love for each other. On this perfect fall day Geoff and Chelsee said “I Do” in one of the most entertaining ceremonies I have been to. Seeing George (the monkey) has a groomsmen and the groom breaking out in song complete with a saxophone is by far the coolest things I have seen at a wedding to date. I am honored and touched to be apart of their day.












Jason and Jessica Vegas Wedding

October 27, 2011

I was going to share things (well tons of things) that happened in Vegas but you know the rules when it comes to Vegas. So, what I can share is that it was a great time. Two love birds that love the city so much that they had  to get married there (where they also got engaged).  The weather was beautiful,  the wedding was spectacular and totally well thought out. The ceremony was held in Flamingo hotel which it was a beautiful place, blooming colorful flowers around; but I had hard time during the posing shoot because the place was filled with people walking all over,  you know staring and stuff (I miss having  an assistant when I travel I tell ya) The couple didn’t mind and  I was impressed on how they focused with all the distractions. The reception was at the MGM grand the newlyweds booked a 2 story suite that has breathtaking views from a private balcony, what can I say, I am grateful to be part of it.

“The Final” End Of Summer party

October 22, 2011

The saying goes “All good things must come to an end”, Well what started in Oct of 2007 was something that we wouldn’t have expected to be this big. Good friends who share similar interest like boozing, music,  being surrounded with a large group of people or just keeping life interesting. Good friends that don’t care about tomorrow all of a sudden became all mature  and are faced with the decision of moving on. I  have become more involve with my photography as others have  started to get married, started his own promoting company or took  on bigger role and more  responsibility for their family.

Through these four years we met a lot of great musicians, artist and just people who share the same interest as we do. Although this is the last, I am pretty sure it wont be the end.

Thank you for the memories!

Becky and Dave Vineyard Wedding

September 20, 2011

In all of the years I never would of thought that there would be a vineyard here in MN, let alone one in my own back yard the beautiful Canon Falls. Becky and Dave chose the ideal backdrop to begin there new life as a married couple. This place truly is a walk in the clouds. Congratulations Becky and Dave!

Brooke Schmidt

September 14, 2011

It’s back-to-school time, and many seniors are doing photo sessions marketed as experiences customized to fit their style, personality and interests. Three changes of clothes, rain delay and 2 locations later, Brooke was done with the session. It didn’t take long to make her comfortable. She was easy to give direction to and her poses was an ease, totally made the shoot run a bit smoothly. Thanks to Brooke’s mom Lynne who did a great job preparing and also assisting during the shoot. 🙂











Bar Mitzvah

August 26, 2011

One little E-mail is all it took to send me on a great journey. When I received the E-mail from my web site  asking me to do a bar mitzvah shoot I was very apprehensive not knowing what it was or what I needed to do, I was even a bit embarrass cause in how many times I tried I am still having a hard time pronouncing it. However, since I am always up for and looking for a challenge I accepted . My heart starts pounding (not knowing what I said yes to) mind kicks into overdrive and I begin many months of research, what is it, what is done and what have other photographers portrayed through their work? I need to know the do’s and donts. But the most important piece for this event to be a success was to rely on my client’s expectations of me. It was also great that my client was willing to correspond with me and answer any questions I may have and also provide great suggestions. THANK YOU!

The day of the event was mesmerizing for both my son (which that day was my assistant) and I!  The effort and time it takes the two boys to get this far is very inspiring to me. The tradition the preparation the love and admiration poured onto them for all their hard work is AMAZING! It truly touched me just to witness it. My 11yr old son had so many questions that I did not know (thank god for google) how to answer made me very thankful to share this with him.