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Nekoba-Lev Hawaii Wedding

December 30, 2011

Every mature person wants to make their wedding memorable. Why shouldn’t we, you only marry once and you want to capture every moment of it. These photographs would one day become their only memory of a wedding that once was. They can show them to their kids and their kids of the kids. Wedding photographs circulate through the entire family and hence the photographs need to be pixel perfect. But what if the weather is not on your side and you already know that, what do you do? Well, you pray your butt off and hope that your regular Sunday church attendance pays off. Shooting a wedding itself is already a lot of pressure cause there’s that voice inside your head saying “don’t **** it up- you only get one chance and one chance alone,” now add the fact that you are in an exotic location, BAM! no biggie right?

All week, I was preparing my location and poses as if its going to rain. (Siri says rain all week you know) At the same time praying and asking to give me at least 2 hours of sunshine and I’ll promise to be a good, like really good. The day of the wedding (during the morning) it rained, so I was like,”whatever, plan B I guess”. But you know what they say after the rain, the sun comes out, Yup! the sun did come out and it was warm and shining beautifully. The whole place smelled like paradise as it should be. I was feeling blessed like I could not even imagine.

The wedding was great, well organized and everyone had a good time. 🙂

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