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Kat and Chan Engagement (Hilo, Hawaii)

December 14, 2011

Don’t you just love it when a couple of people commit to be together for the rest of their natural lives? Engagements are a true representation of human emotions and shows how much as person can love another one that she/he is ready to share their life with the partner.

Honestly, I wasn’t prepared mentally and physically to shoot that day. We landed in Hilo Hawaii Monday around 8 PM, ate dinner, checked in and since the original plan for photo shoot was Wednesday, we went to the liquor store and booze all night. Here comes Tuesday and the weather was fantastic. Its a no brainier that we have to take advantage of it specially when your weather app on the iphone says “rain all week”. Kat made a good call of deciding to do the shoot that morning instead of Wednesday. I was hangover, jet lagged and sweating my butt off but it didn’t matter cause the 3 locations that we did the shoot were spectacular. From the falls, little shops and the ocean with lava rocks it was just a total stress relief and inspiring.  The true genius of photographing engagements lies in capturing the emotions of the people that are getting engaged. As you can see, Kat and Chan show how much they love each other which made my job easy. It is not just photographing their rings and ring fingers, it is about how they touch each other and the feelings they have in their eyes.

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