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Bar Mitzvah

August 26, 2011

One little E-mail is all it took to send me on a great journey. When I received the E-mail from my web site  asking me to do a bar mitzvah shoot I was very apprehensive not knowing what it was or what I needed to do, I was even a bit embarrass cause in how many times I tried I am still having a hard time pronouncing it. However, since I am always up for and looking for a challenge I accepted . My heart starts pounding (not knowing what I said yes to) mind kicks into overdrive and I begin many months of research, what is it, what is done and what have other photographers portrayed through their work? I need to know the do’s and donts. But the most important piece for this event to be a success was to rely on my client’s expectations of me. It was also great that my client was willing to correspond with me and answer any questions I may have and also provide great suggestions. THANK YOU!

The day of the event was mesmerizing for both my son (which that day was my assistant) and I!  The effort and time it takes the two boys to get this far is very inspiring to me. The tradition the preparation the love and admiration poured onto them for all their hard work is AMAZING! It truly touched me just to witness it. My 11yr old son had so many questions that I did not know (thank god for google) how to answer made me very thankful to share this with him.

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